Monthly Archives: August 2012

Flying to Korea

I am writing this on the plane from San Francisco to Incheon but, as there is no internet on the plane, I will be posting this as soon as I find wifi in South Korea. I had posted over this summer about career intentions in PR and about my plans to attend Humber in September. Clearly, there has been a change in plans.

I will be teaching English to children in a private Korean school in Songdo in a few days for the next year. This happened for a variety of reasons, which I do not feel the need to get into on a public blog. At the same time, I still am very interested in a career in the field of PR and communications down the road but am going to enjoy further developing my teaching skills. I have received nothing but support from friends, family, and coworkers for this decision and I am not sure they are all aware how much I appreciate this. I am excited for a new experience and looking forward to this new job. 

I am hoping to keep this blog going and possibly write more often than I have this summer. Working 9-8:30 everyday may make this goal difficult, but I will try.