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Let’s try this again…

So clearly, my plan to blog regularly from South Korea failed. I hope to better maintain this blog with a variety of posts in the upcoming weeks and months. Without making this a LiveJournal entry and exploration of my deepest, darkest thoughts – I’ve made quite a few changes in my life (and my outlooks on it) in the past year. While my interests in critical media literacy and feminist issues have continued and grown, I’ve also developed interests in a variety of topics and fields that I hope to explore here.

A quick (but nowhere near complete) list of interests I hope to write about in the near future:

  • Scottish independence and the Yes and No campaigns
  • the debate about laws and opinions surrounding sex work
  • current strategies (local, national, and international) to end human trafficking
  • gluten-free alternatives (waiting in panic over results of a celiacs test)
  • data journalism in general (and how it’s developing in Canada vs. the progress it has made in the UK)
  • Oscar Wilde (as always)
  • branding of Canadian political parties
  • explaining Twitter and social media to parents

That’s it for now. Figured I should write something rather than just think about it.